Bases Loaded

I am not much of a baseball fan but I understand the game. I have actively discouraged my sons from playing baseball, because I felt that it was not a true team sport. I always felt that you were either greatly successful or a profound failure….all under the eagle eye of 2 bleachers full of people. Too much pressure. But, I think that basebal is often a great metaphor for life.

In the last few days, I felt like the bases were loaded. I could not take any credit for getting those players on base. they are good players, talented and true play makers.  I just stood on deck and watched the line up. When it came to my turn at bat, I am so inclined….driven even… swing. I am hungry for a hit. I want to smack that ball and watch it fly over the wall, as I take my self-congratulatory trot around the bases. I want to hit all the other runners home. GOLDEN.

As I stand there and watch the pitcher gear up to strike me out, psyche me out…..I barter. I think….ok a base hit will be FINE, a nice bounce to left field with an error and one run comes in. I get a hit. I get some credit. The team gets a run. DECENT.

I finally realize that I actually don’t have to swing at anything. The pitcher is throwing junk. If I can just DO NOTHING, resisting the urge to kill something and get the WALK. Someone comes home. I get on base. The team still scores.

Sometimes, the lesson is not to DO but to NOT do.

Now, who is on First?

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