There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun.

~Thomas Merton

Today is for many a somber day. I think today is my generation’s equivalent to Pearl Harbor or the day JFK was shot. I remember exactly where I was. I feel that feeling of shock and horror that I had NEVER previously felt and hope never to feel again.  It was a visceral feeling that day. I recall that my brain could not actually process what I was seeing. I suppose they call that shock.

Each of us is precious. Each of us is magnificent. Thomas Merton makes this statement that we should be amazed that God chose to become one of US. How spectacular! Something about us is so interesting to God that he became a man. He made us, but then wanted to be one of us. Again, I can’t get my mind wrapped around it neatly. But, it is amazing. It should be the ultimate testiment that He loves us so much and so completely. That we are His most cherished creation. His beloved.

Each of us is shimmering brightly in the Son. May each of your days be blessed.

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