I am blessed with abundance.

Abundance is often associated with things and possessions. Indeed, I have an abundance of stuff. I have far more stuff than is necessary or reasonable. I wish to divest myself of many of my possessions. Why do we accumulate things? The accumulated items are usually not very important, special, nostalgic or significant. They end up in a garage or attic or closet, rarely to be touched or useful again. So…why keep them? More importantly, why buy them? There is a social movement in which people are dedicated to never buy a new thing ever again. Some people start off for a designated people of time. With the exception of food, could I live 1 full year and not purchase anything new? Used and recycled and second-hand items would be fine, as they allow another to transfer their accumulated stuff to another. Just what I need, a new stack of someone elses stuff! We feel guilty about throwing out “perfectly good” things. We also feel reluctant to give away to shelters or homeless or charity things that have some value. In my community, garage sales and yard sales are very popular. I wonder if it would be better to just drag all my stuff out onto the driveway and say FREE. Would I care is a single person took it all and then sold it? Is that why I do not just give it away?

But abundance is also non-tangible. I am blessed with love. I am blessed with Grace. I am blessed with intelligence, I am blessed with health. I am blessed with laughter. I may have a plethora of possessions but I truly have a treasure trove of things with no value…but that are incalculable in their worth. The priceless possesions.

I have a hand full of friends that know me…and like me, which is a great surprise and an amazing gift!  I have a family, that continues to try to find a place to thrive and we have not abandoned each other…yet (LOL)! I have children who are healthy, smart, adorable, snuggly and growing. I have a husband who is a friend, a companion, a counsel, a gentle judge, a comic, an audience and my love. I have faith in my God and my salvation. I feel His presence in all this abundance. I hear Him encouraging us to let go of all that we cannot take with us from this world. Instead, focus upon that which we can take with us…LOVE. All else gets left behind. I need a job to make money. I need money for shelter and food and creature comforts. But I do not need money for love. I need money to survive this world. But I need only LOVE to thrive in this world. In fact, getting trapped in the piles of possessions sometimes interferes with our ability to sacrifice for others, impedes our generosity and makes us stingy with our hearts. The more we have often translates into giving less.

I choose to has LESS, give more, accumulate nothing new, love more and live abundantly in the grace of God. I am blessed with abundance.

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