I got caught in the rain this evening. Actually I ran out into the rain on purpose. My oldest son and I had stopped to pick up Chinese food and juice boxes. We walk out of the store and it is POURING. No lightening, just a downpour. Big fat raindrops that pelt you. I leave Cam on the sidewalk and start running to the car. What a joke. The rain had come down so fast, the parking lot was 3-4 inches deep. My shoes got pulled off my feet. My car was in the 3rd space and by the time I got there I was shoeless and drenched. Shirt, pants, underclothes, hair all the way to my scalp. I felt like I had been submerged.

Nature is marvelous.

I remember rainstorms in south Florida. Every afternoon the storms rolled in from the Everglades. They were preceded by lightening and thunder. I love rainy days. I love thunder and lightening. On S.W 200th Street, our driveway collected a puddle. Sometimes the ground would be so saturated that the puddles would sit for days. We would get tadpoles. Many a frog spawn was sacrificed to our curiosity dying in some Maxwell House coffee can.

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