It is blueberry time here. It has been a dry year and there was a late freeze. I hope that I have found an orchard with berries. I am gonna try to pick today. Tomorrow I will make blueberry jam.

The women in my family have always canned. I make a Pear Conserve every September with sand pears. Most people feed these pears to their horses, but they make an fantastic conserve. I have a patient that brings me 2 bushels every year.

My Granny made fig preserves. As a child I loved to pull a whole fig out of that thick cold syrup, split it open and spread the center of the fruit all over a slice of toast. I have planted a fig tree in the yard of my last two houses, but the birds get to them faster than me.

I prefer homemade jams and conserves to any store bought jellies. Occasionally, a patient will bring me a jar of something homemade at the office. I find this kind of gift very special, because that jar of jam represents time and effort. Luckily the inside track on the blueberrie orchard I am gonna go to came from a patient. I can’t wait. The only thing that could make it more enjoyable is if it is raining just a little.

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