Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Is time the only real tincture for emotional wounds? When another person has hurt my feelings, I can respond in a variety of ways. I can tell them they have hurt me in the most civilized way possible. Sometimes this feels humiliating because I have already felt injured by them. Explaining how they have hurt me makes me feel even more diminished. I can scream at them and be full of anger. That makes me feel justified at the moment, but wastes so much of my vitality. That energy is lost forever. I can turn inward and absorb the hurt. I may feel I deserved to be mistreated. I may feel I asked for it simply by not being “enough”. I can be apathetic and close myself down emotionally and not feel anything, keeping the experience compartmentalized in my rationale mind.

Slowly over time, all wounds will demand attention. A very deep and contaminated wound will fester. It will be painful and cannot be easily ignored. The infection usually spreads through your whole body, making you very ill.  This type of wound often requires intensive care. The wound usually has to be reopened and all the infection has to be cut away. It usually requires cutting a deeper wound. Usually, even healthy parts have to be cut away to allow the healing to begin. Nothing living can grown from something rotten or dead.

I think each of us has our own personal trauma. Some people seem to have more than others. None of us is left unscarred and unscathed. Like any great soldier, I hope to heal from my wounds. I pray not to die in battle. If other people can seem my scars, I want them to respect my bravery and not pity me. I hope I shall one day look in the mirror and be proud I have survived my battles and my scars will not make me revisit my fears. My scars will remind me of my fortitude, my courage and my perserverance.

Time will truly mend my soul.

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