The face of my child

I can stare at the face of one of my children and be captivated, especially if they are asleep. Their sweetness is overwhelming. Their innocence makes me feel reborn. I glimpse the hand of God in their eyelashes and their lips and their freckles. I wonder what they dream. I wonder what they feel. I want to hold them close. I am excited that they are growing. I watch their vocabulary expand. I watch their bodies grow. I watch their minds develop and make the coolest connections. They are so quick to laugh. I see all of this, in the face of my children.

I have two beautiful sons who everyday take my breath away. They are so different. God blessed me with two sons who will one day be men. They will venture forth. I pray for them to be good men, brave men, strong men, full of gusto yet gentle and kind and easy to love. Easy to forgive. Trusting and empathetic.

I am overwhelmed by the love I feel simply looking into the face of my child.

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