Fresh Cut Flowers

There are few things in the world as temporary and transient as the beauty of a fresh cut flower. I love flowers. I have planted all kinds of flowers in my yard, mostly perennials that return each year. I have probably 20 varieties of daylilies that will bloom in May and repeat through summer. But, few things can replace the simple pleasure of fresh cut flowers. And I like all kinds. I will buy flowers at my local grocery store, usually 3 bundles for $9.99. I will also by fresh flowers at a local florist. In Miami, there are vendors on the roadside or at the underpass for the interstate with dozens of buckets of flowers: huge stalks of gladiolas, Birds of Paradise, roses, carnations, irises, tulips, you name it. 

It feels luxurious to receive that ridiculously large flower arrangement at my office, the one so big I have to buckle the seatbelt to keep it from tipping over just to get it home. I love a single Gerbera daisy or a uniquely colored rose. Fresh flowers are extravagant and absolutely pointless, which is the only point for something so whimsical.


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