A good night’s sleep

I am a champion sleeper. I fall asleep fast. I can fall asleep just about anywhere and  power naps works wonders. I am a huge fan of the ‘pants off, under the covers’ weekend nap. I find hotels with super fridged A/C settings and black out curtains to be a delicious night of sleep. Add a high end king-sized bed and foam earplugs and the distant, muffled thudding and pounding of the hotel and that room becomes womb-like. Most nights it seems I don’t move a centimeter. I wake in the same left-lying position with adjacent pillows as I arranged before laying my head down. I fall asleep in seconds. My problems are simply going to bed or being awakened from sleep in the night. The ‘going to bed’ part is easy to fix. With nothing worthy of sleep deprivation on TV, especially now with DVR, I put myself to bed. While an engrossing novel can keep me awake , it’s why I limit my leisure reading to weekends. I know I fore go sleep for Edward & Jacob or Lestat  or Richard the woodsguide. Continue reading “A good night’s sleep”