Google says that the word everything appears in the Bible 83 times. Aside, I love that its a prime number. 83. Do everything with love. There is time for everything. You have nothing but possess everything. Let everything that has breath give praise to the Lord. You can do anything but not everything is beneficial. Everything. All things. Every. It is a common and commonly used word which dispels its potency. Every. Every grain of sand. Every molecule. Every person. Every leaf. Every car. Every baby. Every tree. Every nation. Every moment. Every thing for ever more. It means infinity. Every possibility. All that can be imagined, known, considered. In every way, with every breath, with every cell dividing that I am unable to comprehend, I want to feel deep and abiding gratitude for everything. When I contemplate everything and the meaning of every I sense the exponential, the fibonacciness of existence.