Think of what you were when you were called, the scripture quotes Jesus. You weren’t wise or influential or of noble birth. You were ordinary. Maybe less than ordinary. But the lesson is that God choses, selects, seeks, bestows upon the ordinary the role of becoming extraordinary to teach and be an example to the world. Our world is full of messages meant to influence and persuade us. The news came out today that Russian trolls, in a coordinated campaign, attacked the Women’s March in 2017. Trolls is a minimizing moniker for the coordinated, highly targeted state-sponsored team of agents sitting in St. Petersburg, Russia actively working at fracturing and manipulating us.

God does not manipulate. He doesn’t persuade. He does not lie. He does not deceive. He is LOVE. We sang a song today and one line of the song was “…overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God”. How radical is that? Love so overwhelming, so boundless, so illogical, infinite and never-ending. He simply loves me. Love you. Loves His creation. And what does he ask of us? Love Him. Honor Him. Serve Him. How? By loving each other. Being generous. Being kind. Being merciful. Being grateful. Being forgiving. Being humble.

While I want to be wise and successful, I truly believe I would rather be the person that is out of the limelight, the minor character, maybe not even on stage, working behind the scenes, helping, assisting, contributing. Because it is in that secondary position that I may be a better tool for doing the Greater Good. Not MY good but The Greater Good. That overwhelming, never-ending, reckless thing…