It’s my birthday

I’m a gadget girl. I love gizmos and gadgets and trinkets and contraptions. But they need to be functional. I especially like the upgrade. I loved Teacake, my super sexy Lexus IS250, which I drove for 11 years. But I love Omar Little, my (now 1 year old) Lexus Ux hybrid. He gets 42 miles to a gallon of gas and doesn’t need an extension cord. Upgrade.

My newest gadget is an Ankarsrum Swedish stand mixer. It’s the Volvo of kitchen mixers. Don’t misunderstand. I loved my KitchenAids. I’ve laid two to rest. Killed the engines. Was working with a failing invalid when Patrick bought me the Ankarsrum for my birthday. I saw the mixer in a kitchen store in Zurich and was instantly mesmerized. The bowl turns not the paddle. Clever. Design upgrade. Someone re-engineered the problem and developed a new method. Evolution.

New gadgets make me learn new things, too. I have to practice my techniques. retool. Get back in shape in methods and habits I was doing on autopilot. Keeps me fresh and engaged.

I will be a baking and cooking fool this weekend. There is frosting to whip and homemade butter to make and I think I will try a Pavlova….