Right track

Realisa started as an exercise in gratitude, optimism building and practiced perspective shifting. How else might one change their state of mind? If one wants to change their physique, they exercise, using their muscles. Its repetitive and structured. Changing the mind requires similar efforts. It is a practice of repetitive processes. But change also requires the cessation of other habits. To be healthier, you must stop being sedentary and eating poorly. To be mentally healthy, you must stop feeding negative thoughts, critical loops and destructive states of mind.

Sometimes we get stuck.

The past two years have been a global gut punch. A lockdown. Not because of war. But because of a transmissible disease. We sheltered in place, isolating from others due to a microscopic organism.

Humans are fragile, vulnerable creatures.

And deep inside this pandemic, under layers of issues like contagion and infection and mortality is a vital key to humanity. Vulnerability. To be vulnerable. Fearful. At risk. Exposed. At the mercy of others. And essentially stuck in a locked room with ourselves. Can we be vulnerable with others? Can we be vulnerable with ourselves. Vulnerability is simple, basic honesty. Stated plainly. No shrill, shrieking, voluminous, bellowing fury. It is not about being HEARD or SEEN. Vulnerability is a whispered thing, spoken – barely spoken – into the world.

I am afraid.

I am alone.

I love you.

I am sorry.

I was wrong.

It sounds completely outrageous to declare that the pandemic has been – for me – a blessing. Without a GLOBAL lockdown, I doubt I would have diverted my efforts and actions. I was stuck on a track, grinding away at a task, aimed toward what I believed at the time, was a goal.

I was misguided. I was on the wrong track.

Life – this one precious, tender, remarkable life is about being brave enough to be vulnerable. To ask. To let. To love. To forgive. Vulnerability is the single most courageous – an terrifying – thing. To shed all the armor and to step unprotected into the world and offer your self.