Glory and the gloriosa lily

Do you know where you are going? Are you certain? How certain can you be? You hear these stories about people who let Google give them directions and they end up out in the desert stranded. They place trust is a fallible thing. My own house often does not map on Google, so people must rely on actual written directions and observe where they are going, reading street signs and landmarks. Often to get to where you need to go, you have to be bright, attentive and actively participating. Don’t trust the auto-navigation tool. They can lead you astray.

So often, we are lead astray by doubt. We hesitate. Or we close our eyes and refuse to look. Afraid. We panic and get ourselves turned around. Spinning and hyperventilating. We don’t trust the precise, hand-written instructions on how to get to our destination.

It is important to accept the journey, the assignment. It is equally important to plan for the journey. Know your limitations and know your terrain. It’s that Boy Scout thing: Be Prepared. And then trust the path laid before you. If it is a new journey, you can’t possibly know the “right way”. The person that wrote your directions knows the way.Trust them. And follow….submit to the process of trusting someone else to guide you to the proper path.

Maybe you don’t arrive on time. Maybe you have a tire blow out or a water pump fail. Maybe you hit a deer or someone hits you. Maybe there is no traffic, perfect weather and you arrive earlier than expected. Bonus! The point is that you can and should trust the directions. They were written just for you. They might make sense, but when you turn the corner and see the giant cowboy hat  on the billboard sign for that western wear store, you understand the instructions: turn left a the giant cowboy hat. It’s obvious.

Allow yourself the latitude and leniency to get where you need to be. In due time, you will arrive.

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