Keep living

I’ve tried to imagine the fear in Paris after Friday’s terror attack. The bombing of the WTC and the Pentagon were horrific on such a grand scale it is hard to fathom. Those attacks, especially for those of us who do not live in NYC or DC (or in Pennsylvania) watched the planes and the buildings collapse on 24 hour news coverage. We do the same now with the attacks in Paris. The difference is the organic, simple  and ordinariness of the sites of the attacks. A couple of cafes, a music venue during a small concert, a football stadium. This feels like the Boston Marathon bombing. it happened in a very personal way. The bombers blew themselves up after methodically executing dozens of people. What kind of person does this? And how do we couch our own fear?

By living. By loving. And by doing our ordinary, simple daily lives. And being hopeful about the future. Courage and bravery is not a fearless space. A courageous heart lives through their fear. It carries their fear closely and with regard but it does not allow fear to alter the arc of their dreams, hopes or aspirations.

I think I may go to Paris for my 50th birthday.

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