Friday Favorites

I haven’t done a favorites post in forever. Maybe it should become a new habit of making Friday all about new favorites. Here are some of my recent discoveries and loveluvlerve-ables.

  • Jerry Seinfeld has a web series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Seriously. If you love comedy and love the intimate inside peek into the inner workings of some of the finest minds, made even more amazing through rapid fire, articulate and completely, insanely PRESENTNESS watch this series. You can watch it on the internet or if – like me you have a Roku box- it’s on the Crackle channel which is one of those other Roku channels you ignore on your way to Netflix or Hulu.
  • We have a sweet little beer and wine shop here called Tipple’s Brew and I discovered recently that they stock Mast Brothers’ Chocolate bars. Sublime chocolate perfection. We visited the Mast Bros “factory” in Brooklyn 2 year ago but to call it a factory is to exaggerate wildly. It is a shop and a tasting room and smells divine. Cacao beans in a grinder with sugar. That’s it. Chocolate pureness.  And I can now buy the absurdly expensive [$7.50/bar] when I go get a nice bottle of wine or an ale.
  • On Etsy, there is a shop called Milk & Honey. They sell stamped spoons and forks. I bought my oldest a large (table) spoon for ceral eating and it is stamped with “Cereal Killer”. Perfect, right? But my younger son seemed a bit left out, so I placed a second order and got him a custom spoon and one for myself.

Good morning beautifulCereal killerEvan's spoon

  • I had to make yearbook pages for the kids. DEADLINES loomed. And the software I had used in the past was lost in the last hard drive meltdown. After a fairly brief search I found And within three hours I had made both sons yearbook pages.


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