While I drove I listened to Ray LaMontagne’s Gossip in the Grains and Alabama Shakes. The hotel was noisy so I fell asleep listening to Polica. The lengthened shadows indicate it’s fall even more than the cooler air and the easterly breeze. The day was glorious with a bright sun and brilliant blue sky. The ceiling of the sky seems higher on these Florida fall days. I drove and I listened to music and other than the 2 hours I spent chatting on the phone with a friend and fiend, I had a pretty silent weekend. And I gently tugged and pulled and started untangling the story thread twisted in my head. I am making the push to do Nanowrimo in November. I am going to push to post daily in Realisa and on my home blog, Biddan Ridge. Write and blog and keep pulling on the threads of fiction tangled in my head.