Taking a week from work to technically do nothing and go no where seemed very extravagant and wasteful. There is always work to be done. And if I don’t work, I don’t bill and the business has no revenue. Even when other people cover you at work, they really cannot do the work of two. The impact of being absence shows up in the next few weeks with reduced accounts receivables. The fundamental issue is that time off from work is necessary for human sanity, The brain, heart, psyche and even the sinews of our bodies need to have down time. They need to be exercised in uncommon and uncustomary ways. This week has been spent sleeping far more and with less customary patterning than usual. I sleep late or I nap or I go to bed early. I have allowed myself the luxury of rest. I have been home to deal with the unexpected, like the transformer of my home collapsing and blowing up yesterday. Since I was home I was able to flip my main breakers and protect (most of) my electronics. I discovered this morning that my shredder is fried and there is an external outlet on the back porch not getting power. Had I not been home, I would have come home to a dark, cold house with all my electronics and appliances destroyed.

The plumber came to fix one of the body sprayers in my fabulous shower. The lawn guy is coming to mow. I had three cubic yards of mulch delivered and I have spread mulch around my fruit and nut trees and along the blackberry swath. I spread a blanket in the back yard and watched the clouds roll through. It seemed like a good day for a good cry and so I did. I’ve studied for my boards and gingerly touched my writing, pulling at the threads of the three other stories I have started trying to decide if any of them are ready to have a conversation. I also think there may be a new story pushing for a bit of primacy.

My garden and seedlings go clobbered Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in a hard freeze. It’s the end of March people. This is Florida. Can freezing weather and frost be over? I have lost clearly 50% of my seedlings but since I was far too ambitious, the attrition is potentially welcome. I didn’t lose everything and many of my tomato seedlings are intact. I may need to restart all my basil, but they seemed eager to germinate and so I think that will be an easy task.

It is Friday. It is Good Friday. Easter is here. It is a glorious morning.

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