Son Rise

This started as a simple status update on Facebook but then I realized there was more to say and I hate the [more….] click through on Facebook. I watched the sun rise on this day the Son rose. I have a fresh pot of great coffee. There is a ham and Gruyere cheese quiche baking in the over, a homemade pound cake on the counter and a bushel of humongous strawberries waiting to be sliced and sugared for lunch-lupper-linner, that after lunch but before dinner time Sunday meal. My Granny just called it Sunday dinner. I have two marvelous, glorious, healthy, smart, smart-mouthed, contrary sons sleeping at this moment who will groan and moan when I wake them to ready themselves for church. Isn’t that the expected from a teenager. I found no joy in church as a teen. We all come full circle, I believe and I think they will, too.

I have so much for which I am grateful. There has been so much strife and friction but there is no other way to make diamonds or pearls. The most precious things on this planet are not the products of ease and luck, they do no materialize spontaneously. They are born of labor (my children), achieved with long arduous effort (my medical degree and practice), created out of focused intent ( my writing) and truly the fruits of my toil and muscles (my gardens and this house). Love is no different. Love is a splendid thing, it is a glory and a grace but it is not easy or automatic. It also is not unchangeable or infinitely protected and beyond harm. Even Jesus was nailed to a cross and died out of love. Only His love is perfect and unmarked, untainted and unstained.

On this day of days, we are reminded of our Baptism, our promise, the promises made for us my loving parents and that we made as loving God-fearing parents. On this day of days we must remember the true path and the Glory of this world. God Bless everyone on this day of days. Happy Easter. The tomb is open and empty.

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