The universe reset itself yesterday. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Wednesday is the day my sons come home and this is our long week, which means they are here until Monday morning. It rotates. The courts call it a 5:2 split. It works for us. The truly best part about yesterday was that both of them referred to The House as “our house” and “home”. For more than four years they have called their two residences “Dad’s House” and “Mom’s house”. They never called them “my house” or “our house”. I credit them both for being diplomats to the State of Divorce. They balance their world and are careful not to show favoritism. And since they are split between each of us evenly, there is no pitting one parent against the other. It was hard leaving the house. I had gardens and decorations and SONS raised in that home. By no means was it easy. Even harder was renting other peoples’ discarded homes they turned over to property management companies, homes long neglected. Houses, not homes. It was miserable. While I had a roof over my head and a safe, secure place to be with my sons, I had no home. I was a wayward person.

Now I have a home again. And yesterday, the boys both called it home, our home, our house. That makes today right as rain. I revel in all the things that define motherhood today. The ministry that is motherhood: laundry, housecleaning, making a scratch made dinner, baking cookies, helping with homework, watching some TV, packing lunches and generally all the temporary, consumed acts of service a mother does repetitively day in and day out. It stops being drudgery when it is filled with the love bestowed on me through motherhood. Regardless of the marriage, were it not for that marriage, I would not now being a mother. I am blessed. I am happy to come home to this today after work. Truly.

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