New finds

Here are some of my new discoveries:

The food and lifestyle blog Roost marvelously captures the simple beauty of the simplest things. Their video creations are lovely and make me want to fall into them. And as is the way of the internet and blogosphere, you stumble upon new writers, new books, new music and a new recipe for an ingredient you love. I scored with two coconut recipes this week. The one on Roost and a beautiful raspberry macaroon on Smitten Kitchen. I will make both soon.

Wandering through Roost led to listening to The Paper Kites, one of the tracks used in a video. Flipping to iTunes and listening to The Paper Kites song list led to discovering Leddra Chapman. Different periods of my life have a unique sound track. High school trips to the beach are smattered with Duran Duran and Boston and Loverboy. My early married life is occupied by Harry Connick and Sting. My oldest son loves Linkin Park and my youngest loves techno. In the last few years, I have fund Massive Attack, Clare Bowditch, Josh Pyke and Jose Gonzalez. I have always loved JOhn Legend and Corrine Bailey Rae. New music marks a transition space and the opening of a new period.

I love West Elm. I have to drive to Jacksonville or Orlando for the nearest store. I found this pendant light and eagerly bought three for future used as pendants over my kitchen counter.

My youngest son has finally gotten his cell phone back and I have discovered he has a terrific sense of humor and he conveys it excellently in text form. He can text a single word and I hear his voice and see his face. The simplistic act of texting is heartwarming and stunningly powerful. With one word, I feel connected to him. He is my Nebacho Doncho kid.

And a late addition…I found Hawthorne Threads, an online fabric store. Talk about falling into the vortex of wasting time! I can toodle around on this site for A LONG TIME.  I bought some of this fabric. Isn’t it FUN?


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