Tuesday’s Like List

Here is a quick list of new discoveries and things I like:

  • Trader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps: these little crisps are like a Melba toast or biscotti but thinner and not as dry and pair amazingly well with goat cheese or a sharp cheddar. I will be ordering these online since I do not have a TJ in my town, although the cashier said that they are opening one in Sarasota. Go figure. Not Orlando or Jacksonville but Sarasota?
  • Garrotxa cheese: (pronounced ga-ROW-cha) A Spanish cheese made from unpasteurized goat’s milk in Catalonia. It has a hard rind but a warm, smooth flavor and a creamy texture. Very yummy onto of Spanish tomatoes and bruschetta.

  • Jamon Iberico is a cured ham made from Black footed Iberico pigs that are fed only acorns. They are raised in southern Spain and Portugal and the ham is similar in appearance to prosciutto but darker and it literally melts on your tongue if served shaved fine. It was absolutely delicious. I eat this ham at Jaleo, a restaurant owner by Jose Andre but then saw the ham for sale at Dean & Deluca for $175/lb. One hundred seventy five dollars a pound.
  • Mast Brothers chocolates sold at Dean & Deluca’s stores. What a treat to pick up a few bars while in DC!
  • Ambrosia orange juice bought at the Alachua County Farmers’ Market. It is a medley of six different oranges freshly squeezed.
  • Upgrading to first class. It just makes you feel special. When your bag costs $35, upgrading to first class just seems an easy decision.
  • Prada’s Leau Ambree parfum has a companion shower gel. Yeah! That was an awesome discovery. Now to find it sold separately and not part of a gift set.

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