Hot things on a cool Monday


It’s been many months since I did a Hot & Not list. Here are a few of the the things I have discovered and LOVE,  LOVE,  LOVE:

  • Intelligensia Coffee: I buy my small bags of this coffee at The Fresh Market. I recently tried the El Gallo Organic breakfast blend and the flavor is smooth and full.
  • Freesia flowers: I bought a small bouquet at TFM along with the above coffee and the buds are slowly opening and are really lovely.
  • Carr Valley cheeses from Wisconsin, especially the Applewood smoked bacon and the Cranberry Chipotle cheddar. Yum! Sliced cold on crackers of shaved and melted on a slice of sourdough bread…Oh my!
  • The Gifts of Imperfection written by Brene Brown. It is a sliver of a book that packs a wallop of a punch. It is a blessing to have someone articulate what I have been attempting to define on this blog.  It is made even more special that is was recommended by a friend who listened to me and HEARD me and pointed me (gently) towards a resource that would help.
  • My new Singer Curvy sewing machine: I am still in search of a quilting  (walking)  foot, but the sewing is perfect and I love not having to thread a needle. I sewed the binding on my latest quilt and will work on the hand stitching this week. Once it is finished, to will join a pair of pillows as a gift for  Christmas.
  • Recipes from Smitten Kitchen: On Saturday I made two  recipes posted on SK. I made the roasted tomato soup and the simple apple tart.

The tart was made with the early arrival Honeycrisp apples.

I had a slice for breakfast with a mug of coffee in my Honey Badger mug. I LOVE the Honey Badger. I am a honey badger.

As for those things I dislike, the not-so-hot things I have come across lately…..I got nothing. Life is good. The weather cooled off this weekend. It was a beautiful, fall weekend. The windows were open, the cats got to roam outside and I relaxed. Now it is time to get ready for work.

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