Roadside assistance

Much has transpired while I have been writing the Five Things. It is a matter of discipline to focus and write everyday on a specified topic. Nothing like backing myself into a corner. While I am not a procrastinator, I do amazing work when under the gun or when someone pulls a fire alarm. The mental clarity is astonishing. It is easy to get a bit hooked on the adrenaline. So often, when people start on an antianxiety medication, which effectively removes their anxiousness, they return to the office and complain that they feel lethargic. I have to explain to them that how they are feeling is NORMAL sans anxiety. It is how everyone without anxiety feels all the time. It is not fatigue or sedation. It is an autonomic nervous system idling. Not surprisingly, many of these patients refuse to continue the medication because they use their adrenaline as fuel, propelling them through their life. Life lived in 5th gear means you miss alot. If you can even catch a glimpse of things on the roadside, by the time you slow down and double back….they are gone. And then, it takes so long to ramp it back up. Eventually, people just stop slowing down. They know it consumes more precious resources to stop and start than they can afford. They promise themselves that they will enjoy life LATER.

Guess what folks….it’s LATER.

These are a few of the things I did in the last few weeks that brought me great satisfaction and helped me enjoy the roadside fare. I believe because I now slow down, and get off the autobahn serendipity and providence smile on me. And without effort, intent or machinations amazing things arrive as if gifts from the universe. It makes me so grateful.

sterilizing mason jars

Spicy pickled okra and asparagus sent to one of my AXO Lil’ Sisters. Not sure how they turned out but the surprise box made her quite happy.

Fig preserves served with thin sliced honeycrisp apples, Carr crackers and an artisan cheese assortment of sharp cheddar, chevre and brie. I also like it as jam on toast.

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