Big Adventures

I spent the day with my younger in St. Augustine on a class field trip. I let him carry the camera today and he took some amazing photographs. He has an artistic eye that needs to be cultivated.

In the early morning, we get up and set off on our first big adventure. Like the three musketeers, we have a tidy weekend itinerary. After driving to the closest large airport, we fly to our nation’s capital. The boys will get to see snow for the first time. We will explore the city. There is a cool evening program at the International Spy museum about Ninjas which we are all looking forward to doing. There are so many free museums, we can’t lose. Just riding the Metro is like an E ticket. I also get a chance to walk around Georgetown and get a few of the tiny specifics of my book ironed out and clear.

There is something about Washington, DC that grounds me. Somewhere in the timeline of my life, that city and that three year stretch left an indelible mark. It was an everlasting mark for which I am forever thankful. Returning to that place reminds me of the beginning of a journey started so many years ago. So fresh, so brave, so assured, so idealistic. I made friends. I fell in love. I made connections that hard hardwired into my history and helped define me. So many of my later choices are predicated on the events of those three years. It was a wonderful space. To romp around that city that I love with my sons is a true adventure!

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  1. Oh gosh I’m old, I remember E tickets! DC has always been special for you, glad you are having fun with the boys.

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