I get the rare opportunity to host my son’s 14th birthday party, a co-ed party to which he has invited 26 of his classmates. These kids, at this age, are different than I was at 14; they are far less mobile. At 14, I had a bike and no cell phone. I could ride from my house in Cutler Ridge as far as I wanted as long as I could get home before the street lights came on. I can’t imagine my kids being so “off the grid” as we were in Dade County.And tonight, I get to watch the natives. It is uncommon as this generation rarely “hang out” in the same space. They congregate on Facebook. They text and chat, but it is done remotely. They play Xbox live. Tonight, they will all be physically in the same room. I feel like I got a front row seat at the amphitheater.

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