The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men set off in search of the new born king. They follow a star high in the sky over Bethlehem. I am sure their wives loved this piece of theater. Can you hear it? “Honey, me and the boys are going to go follow that star. We heard their was a baby born. He is going to grow up to be a very important person. We are going to take all the gold, the incense and the burial provisions for our entire family with us. Okay? See ya. Love ya.” And off they went.

Their wives stood at the door to their dwellings and said…..yeah, right. They are going to the Bazaar to gamble. They packed the Hookas. Where is that Bathsheeba?

I have been asked how my sarcasm serves me. It makes me laugh, that is for sure.

But, no one in our modern world sets off on a mysterious journey in search of some divinity transfigured into reality. We do not believe in tangible, supernatural magic. Miracles are superfulous and all about faith. Or they are just good, man-made science that we like to dress up as miracles. Chemotherapy that works is good science. A skilled surgeon in an operating room is a lifetime of training and skill. These are not miracles. We WANT to believe in them, but who has ever seen a person materialize out of thin air? Or walk through a wall. Or feed 5,000 people with 2 loaves of bread and 5 fishes?  Or turn water into Dom Perignon?

I want a real miracle. I want to see real, SUPERNATURAL forces at work. I want to trust like Peter and step out of the boat and walk on water. Peter had chutzpah. All those other guys SAT in the boat and scoffed. They played it safe. They let Peter take the hits and risks for them all. If my Lord set before me a challenge, would I be brave enough to step up? Would I accept His explanation even if far-fetched and absurd sounding? Could I even hear His voice? I want the walk up and find the boulder rolled away and the tomb empty and my first thoughts to be…..Oh my! He really did rise. I suspect, in my cynicism and skepticism, I would most likely say…who vandalized the tomb and stole his body? I would call 911. I would not fall to my knees and praise God.

I want to click my heels, rub the Genie’s bottle, make 3 wishes,  get sprinked for fairy dust and talk to a magic mirror. I want to believe in magic.