First Light

I woke in a twin bed in the attic dormer bedroom of my sister’s new house. Well, new old house. She said, “this house is all the other houses we have lived in rolled into one.” And I agree. Tall ceilings, wood floors, lots of windows and light, a roaring fire. And her stunning, glorious new kitchen. It is perfection and prayer answered.

The sun was not up at 6 am central time, but my body was awake thinking it was 7 am. I crept downstairs thinking I would be the only one up. My nephew was awake and in quiet prayer and reading with little cocker spaniel puppies at his feet. My sister was also awake. We had a pact to go get donuts. I made a cup of coffee and sat in the kitchen and watched the first light filter into her backyard, the dew and frost heavy on the field of fallen maple leaves. It was a sweet, silent moment as the day awoke.

We dressed and went to Shipley’s donuts. It is an old-fashioned donut shoppe [but alas, also a chain]  Whoa! Unlike other franchise chains or groceries stores that get cartons of pre-made donuts to reheat and coat, Shipleys fries the donuts on site and frosts and fills and sprinkles and YUM!


I figure that I can rake the leaves in the back yard for exercise later to burn off that apple fritter.

2 thoughts on “First Light”

  1. I love the reflections and shimmer that frost and dew on fallen leaves creates.

    Fresh made donuts sound lovely, so hard to find things hand-crafted in old traditions in a world that wants everything fast and to taste exactly the same every time. There is something magical about a hot donut with the smell and sound of crackling oil around. Just tell me raking the leaves in the backyard was an afterthought of the fritter and not part of the experience.

    Enjoy the experience, worry about the consequence later.

  2. I wanna come! I’m jealous!! It sounds so peacful and wonderful! I hope you are relaxing and enjoying. Also, a new amazing kitchen to cook in..perfect for Thanksgiving! Have fun…I’ll pout silently over here! :)


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