This is my boyfriend.


Gumbo is Cameron’s cat. We got the boys cats in May of 2007 after our crazy, smiling Minnie dog died. We got Cameron the orange marmalade cat and Evan the smoke gray cat. Gumbo and Luther.

Almost from the first day, Gumbo was smitten with me. He eventually got nicknamed “Boyfriend” because he was like the reincarnated spirit of some old boyfriend: possessive, aggressive, demanding of my attention and wedged himself between me and EVERYONE else. He didn’t sit on my lap. He laid on me; he owned me. I claimed me. Even in my sleep, I would wake to Gumbo lying along my side as a turtle sits on a log, his legs dangling over either side of me. As he got bigger and heavier, this became less comfortable. He was also a bit of a sadist, subtly extending his claws into my skin. He was a loving and affectionate cat.

When I moved to my new place, we split the cats. Gumbo went from being an indoor/outdoor cat with a range and freedom to Tomcat around….to being indoors and alone. After two weeks he had had enough.

He took to “marking” his protest literally.

I took him back to Paul’s place today. He wailed the whole drive there. He walked around the house and front yard wailing. I know he will be happier there. But I am sad. Sad to have a house sans feline. I have always had a cat except for the 3 years I lived in DC.

I miss my Gumbo kitty.