Denver is pretty cool. I have had a nice adventure and a few misadventures. On Thursday I went to the Denver Art Museum (aka DAM) and saw the Impressionists exhibit. I haven’t walked around a museum listening to a hoity-faloity art historian talk about art since the Botticelli exhibit in Florence 4 years ago. The museum was very lovely and had a great museum gift shop. My kids think the gift shop is the sole purpose of going to a museum. One totally whimsical feature at the museum was in the ladies’ (and I assume men’s) lavatory. The sink are your typical infra-red auto turn on contraptions. Except these……played “Row row row your boat”. Once I realized the sink was singing. I impulsively, and in true Evan Patrick style, stuck my hand under every single single, starting a singing round robin of sinks. Bathroom performance art.

Yesterday, I took a city bus across town to the Museum of Nature and Science. I felt very college-ish, venturing forth on the city bus with the regular working Janes and Joes (and the variety of homeless vagrants). I saw the Gold! exhibit which was astonishing. I learned alot.

My misadventure was missing the stop on my way back to downtown. I kept thinking the bus driver was going to make the next left hand turn and head back into the lower downtown area and then trek back towards my hotel. Nope! He went over the river. I tried to be patient. I tried to wait, having faith that the Number 32 bus stops in front of my hotel. I ended up going to Wheat Ridge…..over a small mountain range and out to the Super Wal-Mart. I was absolutely panic sticken. crying and hyperventilating. I realized I must have looked like some homeless, undermedicated white lady lost at Walmart. I got back on the bus.

When I got back to the downtown area, I went straight to Maggiano’s and had a cosmopolitan and ate gnocchi in vodka cream sauce. There was an alumni reception for my medical school last night. With the exception of the lady that runs the registrar’s office and Dr. Howard Neer…..I didn’t know anyone.

I am going to Mass at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church for Palm Sunday.

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