Believe in yourself. Have faith. Show confidence.

We get so must instruction for others to believe. It isn’t really encouragement. It often feels like an admonishment, as if we aren’t faithful enough. So we doubt. We let fear creep in. We second guess ourselves and our situations. Why?

Because we are human. Because we hang our assurances on other people instead of our God. Christ says over and over in the Gospels: Do not be afraid. A line from one of my most favorite hymns is “Do not be afraid I am with you, I have called you each by name” and yet, we doubt.

When I see my brother stumble I want to help him. when I see my sister wring her hands, I want to console. But instead of saying, “Have faith” I will now say “I have faith in you”. Beyond that, all I can do is pray that they hear His voice and feel His power within themselves.

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