If Wishes Were Horses

This is the car I drive.


I love this car. It fits my family and our needs. It is a definite Mom car. I swore when I was young that I would never drive a mini-van. Yeah, well, we make concessions to keep our most prized creations safe. Vanity is set aside.

Yesterday I drove back home from a weekend conference. The minivan is a good vehicle. It has a decent sound system. I feel safe. But……yesterday I would have loved a different car.

Yesterday was one of those spectacular Florida days. It was about 78 degrees. The sun was bright. A perfect day for speed.  The sky was crisp and a painful shade of blue. There were snow white, puffy clouds scattered high in the sky. These are the kind of clouds most people see from the top side at 35,000 feet when they look out the airplane window.  In Florida, we look up at these glorious, white, cotton clouds. They literally sparkle. Yesterday the sky was crisscrossed with the white trails from military jets flying super high in the sky. We have so many military bases, it is hard to know which squaron is training but you see their tracers, like God is doodling.

I was playing Mary J. Blige and John Legend really loud. I like to drive to R&B and soul. 

I would have liked to have been driving this car.


Really fast. As it was, I was driving way over the legal speed limit, like a crazy maniac mom. I would have had this car flat out. I love driving. I have driven an automatic transmission for years, but I miss the clutch and the feeling of really driving a car. But, this is a luxury and an absolutely ridiculous extravagance.

And if wishes were horses, we’d all take a ride……..

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