It is our nature to have expectations. We expect our birthdays to be remembered. We expect a present at Christmas. We expect coffee to be hot and French fries to be crispy and cookies to be sweet. My kids expect the Tooth Fairy to drop them some cash if they lose a tooth. They expect milk in the fridge and clean socks. We expect intimacy from our spouses or partners. We expect kind words and gentle touches, especially when the day has been brutal. We expect comfort when we are ill. We expect reassurance when we are afraid. We expect protection when we are in danger. These are fair and reasonable expectations.

Unfortunately, we often have unreasonable expectations. We expect our paychecks to cover all our bills, even if we over spend. We expect to lose weight simply because we wish it so. We expect people to respect us simply because we are their bosses or supervisors. We expect deference because of age or senoirity. We expect kindness because we are children. We expect love from family or parents simply because we are related. We expect to feel welcomed when people invite us over to their homes. It is foolish to expect anything in life. There are no real guarantees.

It is not guaranteed that a mother loves a child, but we hope it is so. There is no assurance that a marriage will thrive simply because we pray it to be so. There is no certainty that our children will be smart or healthy or sane simply because we have plans for their futures. There is no promise that we will live long, fulfilling lives and die a natural death with smiles on our faces. We can feel like we deserve all these things, but it does not make it so.

Our expectations change as we grow up and change. Maybe our expectations evolve into hopes or wishes or dreams. Over time, I have let go of many of my EXPECTATIONS. Expectation implies that I feel entitled. As I have gotten older, I feel thankful. I feel grateful. I feel blessed. I do NOT feel like I deserve things. I do not feel like I am OWED. I have few expectations.

I do like to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. I actually love anticipating what a person wants and making that offering. It feels amazing to know that someone in my world wants something I can bring or give. I try not to dwell upon the situations where the expectations are unreasonable. I try not to participate in the dialogue when another person feels entitled to something. I cannot change how another person feels. People will believe what they want to believe. I can only hope that they learn to expect less and hope for more.

I am assured of only one thing. I know that my Lord loves me. I am certain that He knew me from the moment He thought of me. I am absolute in my knowledge that I am touched by Grace. I am certain that He will always welcome me, shield me, hold me, feed me, guide me, encourage me, shelter me and love me. He made the ultimate promise to me. And of this I am assured. And He can have expectations of me.

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