I have three cats. The oldest is a petite, frail calico named Domino. She is nearly 19 years old. She sleep alot and always seems cold. The other two cats we got last May as a birthday present for Evan. Domino barely tolerates these new boys. The younger cats are both boys named Luther and Gumbo. Gumbo is the funkiest cat. He follows me around. He sits on me while I am sleeping. He is more like a turtle on a log than a cat. He head butts me and demands to be petted. The two younger cats follow me around the neighborhood like dogs. Cats are cool.

Cats are great companions. Theya re not demanding and pretty much fend for themselves. I have always had a cat, except in college. I invision my sons will want to take their cats off to college with them in 10 years. Oh my God, my sons will be in college in 10 years.