Driving Music

There are certain songs that I love to drive to. My all time favorite is Boston. LOUD. Some others that make the short list: Bachman Turner Overdrive, Jane’s Addiction, U2, Blonde. I have very vivid memories of driving back from the waterslide park in Homestead in Debbie’s car. I had to be about 14 or 15. It was just me and Debbie. It was a rare occasion because she didn’t usually spend much time with me. The song by Blonde, Call Me came on and we drove fast and it played loud.

Weekends in the summer, if I had the car, was to go to Crandon Beach. The scenic drive up Old Cutler Road through Coconut Grove and over the Rickenbacker Causeway was the only way to go. The music blaring and the windows down. We would listen to Y-100 or Zeta-4. We would often get to the toll plaza for the causeway and many of the cars would be tuned to the same station. I suppose this was before the advent of personal car stereos and CD players. There was a universality in everyone hearing the same disk jockey. Now, everyone rides with their A/C on, their own private music playing and the shared experience is lost.

I like to drive with the music blaring even now. I think I have blown the high end stereo system in my minivan (LOL). Fortunately, my kids also like U2 but we have added the Gorillaz, Linkin Park and Pink. I love the remake of Rollercoaster that The Red Hot Chili Peppers did. Loud and rowdy.

What do you remember driving to??