There are days when I simply cannot imagine how I will accomplish even a FRACTION of what needs to get done. Forget anything that I may want to do! But then, the universe hands me a reprieve.

I had a task I really had to accomplish today before noon. I knew, that as much as I needed to do this task, it was not likely to get accomplished. My days are so tightly booked with appointments. I prayed on my way into the office for guidance on how to explain to the people awaiting the completion of this task….that it was not going to be ready. It all seemed so ridiculous because the task could be comlpeted in less than an hour.

When I got to the office, instead of having my first 3 appointments qued up, the first 2 had cancelled. I feel the Hand of God giving me the most spectacular gift. I was able to do this task, send the email to the committee members awaiting the files and not feel like a failure for being unable to do what I have promised.

I feel like the Wizard of Oz. No one sees the mayhem behind the curtain. To these committee members, I must appear to juggle so well. I will endeavor today to lighten someone elses load. The Lord gave me a pass this morning. Thank you.

[and I got to write this post….bonus]

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