It’s the Little Things

Happiness is in the little details. Joy resides in the minute details. Passion is revealed in the attention to the smallest of things. Likewise, frustration results from the little offenses. Anger is provoked by the tiny insults. Insecurity or fear can be triggered by a facial expression or noise.

Humans are constantly processing data. We receive and process billions of bits of information. I walk into a room and instantly assess the layout, the decor, the neatness, the people, the art, the clutter, the smells,the lighting, the sounds. In seconds, I capture this and it gets processed. My mind makes a decision to relax and be at ease or remain attentive. A sigh can be all it takes to shift the mood in a room. We have all felt that pregnant pause when time sits still, when the processing of data is suspended, when we hold our breath.

These are some of little things that make me happy: a lit candle, the smell of Champa(an incense I like but rarely burn), sugar in the sugar bowl, towels washed with Downy, a homemade cake (with home made frosting), real napkins, ice cubes, my honeymoon socks, a clean shaven face, my sleeping children, my pillows(all three of them), the sprinkler watering my lawn. I like postage stamps, but I prefer the vanity stamps and not the eagle. I like fresh baked bread and soft, real butter.

I find joy in doing that extra, little something for another person. I like to wrap presents with paper. I am not a fan of “gift bags”. Anyone can shove something in a gift bag. A wrapped present indicates time invested, plus I love ripping through the paper.

I like to make breakfast for my family. Homemade French toast with maple bacon or Bacon, Egg and Cheese on English muffins. Biscuits(homemade and not from a pop-n-fresh can) and jam. I like homemade salad dressings over store bought. I have made each of my children quilts for their beds. They use them to snuggle up and watch TV.

If I can find a little thing that makes me smile, I can overshadow any big annoying thing. The little joy trumps the big annoyance.

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