I am now basically a chocolate lover. I love dark chocolate. Why bother with anything else? But, when I was a kid I loved all kinds of candy. Some of them are no longer made. There was a drug store we usually went to to buy our candy, called Neisner’s. I would save the quarters I go t paid for sweeping the driveway for weeks to have money. I had some favorites, like Jolly Ranchers, When I was a kid, they were long and flat like a ruler. Sour apple was my favorite. I liked Bubs Daddys gum. It came in a few flavors and I liked grape. This was a long stick of gum about 12-15 inches longer. There was a girl in our neighborhood that could chew the entire stick and blow bubbles as large as bowling balls. She got emergency haircuts a few times.

My favorite candy bar was a “No Jelly”. It must have been a precursor to the Reese cup. It was made by Peter Paul. They also made Almond Joy and Mounds. I have searched the internet and the nostalgic candy websites, and this candy bar is no longer made. Every Christmas, Santa put a Lifesaver book in our stockings. I didn’t like the butterum or the wint-o’-green.

I pulled a filling out with a Now-N-Later while seeing Herbie the Love Bug. I liked the necklaces and bracelets with the sweet tarts charms. I liked Good and Plenty and Jaw Breakers. I remember Charms lollipops. They were huge and were almost too large for my mouth. We could buy about 8 different candies at the Neisner’s drug store for $1.  We would ride our bikes to the movie theater. My mom would give us $2.50. That got us a bag of candy at Neisner’s and a movie ticket for $1.50.

My mom was clever and knew we liked candy. She would hide candy bars in the deep freezer wrapped up like a rump roast. My sisters would dangle me into the freezer to dig out my mom’s stash. We always found them and ate them. She liked Baby Ruths, plain Hersey bars and Bit o’ Honey.

The candies of childhood are linked to some really powerful and vivid memories. Do you have a favovite candy from your youth?