Great Mothers

Motherhood is a unique path. My family is filled with remarkable women. Each has had her own path to walk, her own rewards, obstacles and blessings. I thank the Lord for all of their energy, love, affirmation, faith and courage.

Momma with Evan.jpg

My Momma with my youngest Evan.

Mom and girls at the Creek in Mobile.jpg

The Creek behind my Memaw’s house off Dog River in Mobile, Alabama in 1990.

Debbie with her 2 baby girls.jpg

My sister Debbie and her two oldest girls at Christmas in 1985. She has 6 kids and is a devoted, full-time mother. Her kids are all spectacular.

Chris and Michael.jpg

Chrissy and her only son, Michael at Disney World in 2005.


This is my Memaw, my father’s mother. She was a kind-hearted, gentle Christian woman. She has passed.

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